Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 4 Blog Post- You Tube Video

I chose this video because I've recently become interested in the benefits of kettle bell swing training.  I like this particular video because one of my favorite baseball players, Jimmy Rollins, a shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies is the athlete doing the exercise.  He performs a two handed grip kettle bell swing variation from side to side with proper form and technique.  I learned through some podcasts this week that many athletes are beginning to incorporate kettle bell swing training into their workouts because it's a very effective exercise for cardiovascular and muscle strengthening endurance.


  1. cool vid Brian. i like the strength/cardio work out together. i can visualize ways of constructing a two hand swinging object out of found/repurposed materials.

  2. Thanks Tracy. I tried your advice of using other materials to do the movements. A medicine ball and rubber ball are good adaptations for students and adults who might not feel comfortable using the kettle bell.