Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 5 KIN 710-Library Things Post

      I felt Library Thing was a useful site after exploring it.  It was user-friendly as far as the process of searching for and finding books you like.  I will mostly utilize this site to catalog and organize my books that I already own.  In addition, I like the fact that I can add books that I don’t own or haven’t read yet.
During my exploratory process I was able to find a book I’d been trying to search for.  I remembered part of the title, Path Glory and I was able to get the information of the real title and information.  The actual title was Paths to Glory by Humphrey Cobb.  I was also able to find a John Wooden book about his life and coaching titled, They Call Me Coach.  
     I tried going through the free books you can get from the authors who have released free advance copies of their books in exchange for early book reviews.  I didn’t really see anything that piqued my interest among February’s new releases.  Maybe when I have more time to sift through the free books list I can find a book that I can read and provide a review for on the site.
     Overall, this isn’t a bad Web 2.0 tool.  Instead of me cataloging my personal library on a spreadsheet on my home computer I can utilize this site where I will have access to it from anywhere.  

Here is my Library Things books catalog

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