Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 4 Assignment Podcast Search Engines: Create a Blog Post About Your Discovery Process.

Week 4 Assignment Podcast Search Engines
Create a blog post about your discovery process.  Did you find anything useful here?

     I explored the Podcast Alley ( and it was great that there were free podcasts available on here.  There were several genres of podcasts available and I typed in a search under fitness.  I found a series of workout titled “Flex for Workout” by David Greenwall of Basically, it is a podcast personal trainer.  David Greenwall takes you through a gym workout as you listen to the podcast.  All you have to do is be in a gym or have weights at home to do the exercises.  You simply listen to the podcast and do several sets of various exercises with varying frequency, intensity, and time.  This podcast series offers about 12 different workouts along with some discussion podcasts on health and fitness.  It is a great podcast that is free and provides someone to motivate you without them being physically there in the gym with you.  I added these workouts as an RSS feed on my bloglines account.  Also, I am going to sync this podcast to my MP3 player and test it out for myself when I go to the gym.

     This experience led me to decide to explore my recently downloaded iTunes on my computer and my account I have with them.  I had always had a Zune Mp3 player and never used Apple audio.  I explored their podcast library and discovered some free audio podcasts that I really liked.  There were some great exercise related podcasts available.  I added the RSS feed for the podcast titled, "Smart Fitness Coach", to my bloglines account.  This podcast discusses proper mindset, nutrition, and exercise strategies with trainer Scott Iardella as the host.  After listening to his podcasts I was able to get his website, which is really a useful resource for exercise tips.  He has some great podcasts on kettle bell training, which I am becoming a proponent of as a good functional exercise.   I liked his podcast SFC Episode 006 titled, “The #1 Most Effective Exercise You can Do” so much that I took some notes.  Below are my notes: 

What is the #1 Most Effective Exercise You Can do in the Gym
Answer is the Kettle bell Swing
-performing a kettlebell swing with appropriate technique is a very effective overall exercise

-6 Key Points
1.) Provides for cardiovascular endurance
2.) Provides for muscle strengthening endurance
3.) Strengthens and develops the anterior and posterior muscle groups
4.) Significantly improves muscle flexibility
5.) Builds an amazingly strong back and shoulder muscles and prevents lower back injuries
6.) The kettle bell swing can apply to anybody.  It has a role for just about anybody.  People of any age and ability can reap the benefits from the kettle bell swing exercise.

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