Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3 Google Docs Blog: Blog about cool ways you can see to use Google Docs in your career.

     The web-based word processing tool Google Docs is a very powerful and dynamic Web 2.0 tool.  I have always been a faithful user of Microsoft Office software applications.  After exploring Google Docs I think I can learn to embrace both software and web-based applications.  The strongest argument in favor of Google Docs and web-based applications is the freedom of not relying on one kind of software version.  For example, if I develop a lesson plan or activity for my third grade class I could share it with colleagues and other people outside of my school in a more efficient manner.  Then they could edit and add more to the document I created.  I like how spreadsheets can be edited by multiple users as well.  For example, if the entire grade level of teachers or a particular team of coaches had a budget spreadsheet, it would be easy for everyone to edit and make changes to it.  I think that Google Docs encourages more collaboration and freedom than software applications.  I like how people can work together on improving a document without worrying about what type of software version they have on their computer.  In my career, I think Google Docs would be great for teachers to collaborate in developing Curriculum Framework Guides, course unit plans, lesson/practice plans, and other learning activities.   In my opinion, Google Docs gives you more freedom and encourages people to share documents and have changes done in a very efficient, user-friendly way.   

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