Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 3 Assignment: Create a Blog Post discussing how any of the technologies explored thus far in the course can be incorporate into your current and/or future career

After reflecting on the past three weeks and the technologies explored thus far in the course I feel all of these tools have their merits and utility.  Personally, I would like to incorporate weblogs and podcasts/vodcasts into my career as a teacher.  Utilizing a weblog like is a great way to encourage students to share their insights on concepts.  When I become a Physical Education teacher I could use the weblogs as a vehicle for students to reflect on course content.  In Physical Education sometimes the time periods are as short as 30 minutes.  The students could utilize the blogs as a way to reflect on the skills learned.  This would save more time for physical activity in classes and the writing and reflection of the skills could be completed through the weblogs. 
The podcasts and vodcasts really interest me as well.  The flexibility of providing students options on when they want to view and learn course content is invaluable.  I could use the podcast for short discussions on Physical Education units we will work on.  For example, I could provide short podcasts on the rules, concepts, and game play for team sport units.  A vodcast would be great for demonstrating the mature stage of a particular skill.  Younger students could view the vodcast multiple times to see how to properly execute a skill, such as the overhand throw or a headstand.  Older students in middle school or high school could use the vodcasts for proper form in shooting a basketball, serving a volleyball, and weight training exercises.


  1. Many people I have talked with frown on the idea of homework in the physical education setting, I think take home work is a great idea. How do you think your students would react to using weblogs at home to reflect on class activities?

  2. my students are not happy cause I implement homework. They always complain they don't have the resources to complete their work. i believe web-logs would be a good idea, than i want get phone calls from parents asking me to give them more time.